Christhmas 2017

Thank you

every year  we  are happy that  many of you decide to share  your special ocations  with us,  our  kitchen staff place stheir bets effort in creating   besides our regular menu   this special selection   of their   best dishes   only  a  few  are made  so please  reserve  this in advance 

wine food and smiles

  its a special  night  and  we look forward to   have a great time  thanks.  everything is   ready and  sit   down and relax  we will take  care  of every detail 

a sweet finalle

thank you  again for sharing this moments in  our  unique locations  and   with  the  great ambiance  that is only possible  because  all of you 

Christmas menu 2017

we include a wine pairing with this menu please contact us for any doubts , due to preparation times this menu has to be reserved in advance